BLUE Café: Machine learning for flow forecasting in urban drainage systems​

The topic of this BLUE café is machine learning for flow forecasting in urban drainage systems.

With more frequent extreme rain events, optimal usage of existing wastewater infrastructure is increasingly important in order to reduce the risk of urban flooding, pollution of recipients, and avoid unnecessary construction of new infrastructure. For optimal usage of infrastructure, planning is essential, and to plan appropriately, it is important to have a good idea of what the future will bring.

We chose the machine learning approach to obtain best guesses of the future, since machine learning models provide predictions almost instantly. Machine learning models also enable probabilistic forecasts which give a more nuanced perspective on the future since events with low probability but high impact will be reflected in such forecasts, instead of hidden in a single predicted average.

In this BLUE Café we will describe how rain gauge and weather radar data can be combined with near real-time sensor readings to provide forecasts of flow at up to three hours lead time. We will also compare forecasts from the machine learning approach to forecasts from the model currently used in production at a wastewater treatment plant.

Show up with a ​headset and avoid sunlight.

Looking forward to seeing you all! 

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