Operational flood forecasting

Natural cycles, climate change and other influences combine to create increasingly severe flooding events, which in turn cause widespread social, environmental and economic problems in many areas of the world.

But it’s not all gloom and doom. The good news is that available flood early warning and forecasting systems and mitigation measures are improving all the time.

Recent advances in the spatial modeling of floods, modern geoinformation systems and remote sensing, are opening up new and promising areas of flood control. This webinar on Operational flood forecasting provides an insight into the operation of flood forecasting systems. While the examples discussed are from Thailand and Denmark, the experiences and lessons are of wider interest.

The webinar was organized by DHI and the UNEP-DHI Centre, and covered different topics related to flood forecasting:

  • Overview of an operational real-time flood forecasting system in Thailand, Dr Ann Piyamarn, HII, Thailand
  • Extension of a flood forecasting system to include real time control of reservoirs using Model Predictive Control, Jacob Luchner, DHI
  • Application of a flood early warning system in Denmark, Torsten Jacobsen, DHI

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