Pit dewatering optimization of a 3D FEFLOW unstructured groundwater model at geologically complex Antamina mine site in Peru

Join us to Slope Stability 2020 symposiums and discover how DHI deals with geological complexity, optimize dewatering program and explore model uncertainty using data fusion.

3D unstructured meshing in FEFLOW allows for an increased level of detail in the open pit and a better representation of the geological complexity and structures, at the same time allowing conservation of the 3D flow process at a regional scale, with fewer mesh nodes in the regional flow model and therefore shorter simulation time.

In addition, find out about innovative optimization processes to minimize OPEX and CAPEX of the dewatering operation, and data fusion solution to significantly increase the accuracy of pore pressure simulation outputs for pit slope analysis a better understanding of the numerical uncertainty.

Mr. Dufour is Managing Director at DHI Peru, leading a group of international experts in numerical modeling. His work is focused on the mining sector which involves simulating mine dewatering and pit pore pressures, design and seepage simulations of mine waste facilities, and groundwater resource evaluations for feasibility and environmental impacts studies. Previous to his position at DHI, Mr. Dufour managed the groundwater modeling department of MWH Peru for 5 years where he supported mining and geotechnical engineering projects. Mr. Dufour is also currently working on his Ph.D. related to numerical flow modeling optimization for mine hydrogeology projects with Dr. Philippe Renard from the University of Neuchatel

Robin Marc Dufour – Principal Hydrogeologist DHI Peru, Managing Director DHI Peru

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