DHI applied research and innovation

Solving the toughest water challenges

through applied research and innovation

We deliver technology to break new grounds and solve the world’s toughest challenges in water environments. Together with our partners, we continuously invest in the development of our domain knowledge and technologies to transform the water industry.

Key areas of research

Automatic modelling

Learn how we exploit new data flows from different sources, including satellites, IoT sensors, drones and crowdsourcing, and utilise new emerging technologies within artificial intelligence and big data analytics to automate and streamline water modelling.

Data-model fusion

Discover how we utilise data and information from satellites, drones, sensors and lab tests together with physics-based models to provide the best possible representation of a water system.

Machine learning

Learn how we use machine learning to give important insights and predictions of water systems to help you make the best decisions in operations and planning.

Real-time optimisation and control

Get an understanding of how we utilise operational data, physics-based modelling and augmented intelligence, to optimise performance and business targets of operational water systems.


BLUE Café: Global Seas

Learn about the scientific background of our new Global Seas service. The service delivers earth observation enriched high-quality metocean data to enhance fuel-efficiency in the shipping industry.

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